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What is programmatic video advertising?

Programmatic video advertising is the use of software to automate and streamline the buying and selling of online video ad inventory.

What is Programmatic Video Advertising
If you’re in marketing, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about programmatic advertising. With all of these fancy terms floating around, it can be hard to know what exactly it is. For starters, let’s lay out some definitions for your reference: Programmatic Video Advertising : An automated process that uses real-time data to buy and sell digital display or video ads—typically within a private marketplace or an ad exchange.

Why it’s important to understand the role of technology in your programmatic video campaigns
Programmatic advertising technology has been a hot topic in marketing circles in recent years, and it’s only getting hotter. In fact, TechCrunch reports that 70% of all digital ad spending will be managed through programmatic platforms by 2018. To ensure you’re a part of that growing trend, make sure you understand how programmatic technology fits into your overall video marketing strategy.

What are some basic technological terminologies?
Programmatic ad buying is when you hand off your marketing dollars to a third party and they buy ads on behalf of your company. These third parties are called demand-side platforms (DSPs). If you’re paying for display ads or anything other than search, it’s likely that you are doing programmatic advertising already. In most cases, buyers do not get to see creative or individualized pages.

How can I get started with implementing a Programmatic Video Advertising campaign?
In today’s Digital Age, video content reigns supreme as one of the most popular ways to reach an audience. When it comes to leveraging that power for your brand, Programmatic Video Advertising has never been easier or more effective than it is now. But before diving into a successful campaign, make sure you know exactly what Programmatic Video Advertising entails and how you can use it in your business! Here are five tips on getting started with Programmatic Video Advertising: 1. Understand why your business needs Programmatic Video Advertising. 2. Determine if real-time bidding (RTB) or open market bidding (OMB) is right for you—or if choosing between them doesn’t even matter all that much. 3. Take time to fully understand bidding dynamics so you aren’t left in the dark when optimizing campaigns later on. 4. Decide which networks will deliver best results for your company and allow you to take advantage of inventory available at scale. 5. Never stop testing new tactics in order to gain insight from your campaigns over time. Optimizing is a crucial part of succeeding through Programmatic Video Advertising; don’t just set up an account and let it sit there collecting dust!

When do I need an ad server vs. an exchange vs. a DSP/SSP
One of biggest and most important questions in programmatic video advertising is figuring out when you need an ad server, a demand-side platform (DSP) or a supply-side platform (SSP). The short answer: It depends. One of biggest and most important questions in programmatic video advertising is figuring out when you need an ad server, a demand-side platform (DSP) or a supply-side platform (SSP). The short answer: It depends. You don’t always need all three—and they can actually be used interchangeably if your business model demands it. Whether you use one over another comes down to how much control over your inventory you want to maintain—and what kinds of customers each tool attracts. To figure out which option makes sense for your company, consider: 1) Your inventory source; 2) Your buying preferences; 3) Your level of technical skill; 4) Your financial needs.

How does video measurement work with programmatic video advertising?
Video measurement works in tandem with programmatic advertising, to help brands make sure they are delivering on their ROI. In a nutshell, it involves publishers that work with ad tech companies such as TubeMogul that track and report viewability of their impressions across all devices and browsers, plus provide information about how ads were served. You can also use tools like Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture to provide more general insights.

Frequently asked questions about programmatic video advertising
Are you looking to market your brand through online video? There are some great ways that companies can go about doing so. The following will explain everything you need to know about programmatic video advertising. Are you aware of what a middleman is when it comes to buying and selling things online? Do you think that knowing more about them might prove useful in your future endeavors? If you do, then take a moment to read on! You’ll soon learn all there is to know about middlemen, how they operate and how they benefit each party involved with any transaction. By working with a company that works as an intermediary between two other companies, one should be able to enjoy many benefits at once. Some of these benefits include cheaper prices for buyers, as well as peace of mind for sellers who aren’t sure if their product will sell or not. A middleman helps alleviate much pressure from both parties by taking care of most of the legwork while they carry out transactions between sellers and buyers. They also help get rid of much overhead costs since they don’t have employees unless necessary, which means even less expenses passed onto both sides of sales. All-in-all, when shopping around for products and services through different outlets or websites, seeing whether or not a business uses a middleman to conduct its operations is key. This will go a long way in helping you decide if it would be worth using their services depending on what product you’re interested in purchasing.

Conclusion on what is programmatic video advertising and why should you care!
We’ve covered quite a bit of ground in terms of what to expect from programmatic video, how to define it and which metrics are available. Given that, I think you can see why so many publishers are running ads without ever doing direct deals with advertisers. Programmatic doesn’t just save time, it also offers a chance for publishers to broaden their audience reach without incurring additional ad spend – that’s huge!